A nautilus extension aimed at helping start editing with vim fast and conveniently on GNOME.

NOTE: This page is the Nautilus-Edit-with-Vim for Nautilus 2, which is an outdated version. Please visit this page to check out the latest version.

Nautilus-Edit-with-Vim is an extension for nautilus, the GNOME file manager, and is written in python. This extension adds several menu items in the nautilus right-click context menu for gvim, such as "Edit with gVim", etc, just like gVim on Windows.


Screenshot of a Single File Screenshot of Multiple Files


gksu, beesu, or kdesu


To install this plugin, first make sure that you have installed the nautilus python extension:

On Fedora:

# yum install nautilus-python
On Debian/Ubuntu:
# apt-get install python-nautilus

If you want to enable the "Edit with gVim as Root" menu item, you should install gksu, beesu, or kdesu:

On Fedora:
# yum install beesu
On Debian/Ubuntu:
# apt-get install gksu

After that, just run "":

$ ./

The above command would make this extension available to you only, not other users. If you want every user on the machine could use this extension, run the with root privilege:

# ./

If you encounter any problem when executing the command above, try to execute "bash" or "ksh".

Then restart nautilus(execute "nautilus -q") and try to right click on the file(s) you want to edit, you will see the changes in the context menu("Edit with gVim" when only one file is selected, and "Diff with gVim", "Edit with Multi gVim", "Edit with a Single gVim" are present when several files are selected), just like what it is like on Windows.

If you want to uninstall this extension, just run


GPL v3


Hong Xu (


The latest stable version is 0.3.1 (for Nautilus 2). Click here to download the latest stable release.

Bug Report and Feature Request

If you find any bug or you have some good suggestions, please submit it on the issue tracker.

For Developers

This project is hosted with git, a distributed revision control system.
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